The Hardy Boyz Still Want To Face WWE's The New Day

Could the dream match still be a possibility?

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt spoke about still wanting to have a match between the Hardy Boyz and New Day at some point in the future. 

"The New Day is definitely a team that we want to work against. Because I got to reference them several times when I was doing Broken Matt Hardy in TNA/IMPACT. They were The Day of New, and I kept making references to those guys and calling them out and saying it was our mission, we had been sent from a higher power, we have to prove that we are the greatest tag team in all space and time. So there's a match that was definitely on our to-do list that we wanted to get, and unfortunately we didn't get to have it then."

Matt had kind words for all three New Day members, elaborating on his relationship with each. 

"Once again, Kofi is the guy I've known for a long time. I've got a lot of love and respect for him too. He's such a great family man now and has those kids, and we always had that in common. Woods is someone I like a lot too. We're in this in this cool text group where we stay in contact quite a bit. Big E, I just kind of got to know him during this last run at WWE. [...] He's just a great guy. I'm so happy that he has been as successful as he has been the last little while."

Speaking on the chances of the match actually occurring, Matt said:

"I guess it's pro wrestling and who knows. Never say never. Maybe one day we'll get a Hardyz vs. The New Day match. It is a match we would definitely like to have at some point in our careers."

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