The Horror Show At WWE Extreme Rules Live Results

One Superstar will be losing an eye...

The Horror Show at Extreme Rules is finally here and join us throughout the night as we provide updates from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida and Bray Wyatt's swamp. 

Eight matches have been announced for the pay-per-view and the action will begin with the Kickoff Show at 11 pm BST. The main card will then follow at midnight.

Check out the card below:
• Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler - Mystery Stipulation for the WWE Championship 
• Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight 
• Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - Eye For An Eye 
• Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship
• Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship 
• Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP - United States Championship
• The New Day (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro - Tables Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships 
• Kevin Owens vs. Murphy - Kickoff Show 

Adam Pacitti, Ross Tweddell and Tom Campbell gave their thoughts on The Horror Show at Extreme Rules earlier. Check out their predictions below: 

Kevin Owens def. Murphy - Kickoff Show

The action started out fast and furious as Murphy charged at Owens but KO dodged out of the way and almost connected with a Stunner. The former Cruiserweight Champion took control soon after with a series of Strikes and a Headlock. 

Owens fought back into the matchup after Murphy went to the top rope and KO caught him with a DDT. He followed up with a hellacious Clothesline and tried to land a Standing Senton but The Best Kept Secret got his knees up. Owens' momentum wasn't halted for long as he connected with a Cannonball moments later. 

The two Superstars battled back and forth for the next several minutes as Murphy hit a Meteora, a Ripcord Knee and a Brainbuster for a two count while the former Universal Champion almost hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Owens almost had the match won as he hit a Moonsault for a two count. Murphy tried to fight back but only ran into a Superkick and a Stunner from KO for the 1-2-3.

Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura def. The New Day in a Tables Match to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships 

This match also started out fast and furious as both teams immediately went after one another. The New Day controlled the opening minutes as Nakamura was sent crashing into the plexiglass while Kingston Dropkicked Cesaro into the Steel Steps. 

The champions tried to win the match early as Kingston tried to put Cesaro through a table but Nakamura took out the former WWE Champion. 

It was the challengers turn to try and win the match as Nakamura and Cesaro went for a Double Superplex on Kingston but Big E stopped them. 

The champions and the challengers repeatedly tried to put each other through a table on the outside for the next several minutes to no avail. 

The New Day placed one table on top of the other and Big E tried to Superplex Cesaro. Nakamura stopped him, however, and he and Cesaro hit a Cesaro Swing-Kinshasa combination on E moments later. 

The action went to the top rope again as Kofi tried to hit The Swiss Cyborg with a Hurricanrana through the double tables. Nakamura blocked him yet again which gave his partner the opening he needed to Powerbomb Kofi through two tables for the win. 

Bayley def. Nikki Cross to retain the SmackDown Women's Championship 

The two rivals disrespected each other in the opening minutes as they exchanged Slaps. Cross almost shocked the world with a Swinging Neckbreaker but Bayley Deux Straps kicked out at two. 

Cross hit a flurry of Crossbodies soon after but Bayley countered and tossed the challenger into the Plexiglass to take control. 

Cross fought back after crawling under the ring and confusing the champion. She followed up with some vicious strikes while Bayley was trapped in the apron.

The action re-entered the squared circle and the former Huggable One connected with the Bayley To Belly, but Cross powered out at two. 

Cross hit a flurry of offence including a Neckbreaker and a Belly to Back Suplex but only managed to pick up a two count. The challenger took a risk and climbed to the top rope but Bayley caught her and connected with a vicious Jumping Knee. Bayley tried to follow up with a Spear into the corner but Cross moved out of the way which sent the champion crashing into the middle turnbuckle. 

Cross hit a Swinging Neckbreaker on the outside and both Superstars got back into the ring at the count of eight. Banks handed her brass knuckles to Bayley moments later and distracted the referee. This gave the champion the opening she needed to punch Cross with the knucks and hit the Rose Plant for the 1-2-3. 

MVP declares himself the new United States Champion 

Before the next match, we cut to a spooky Firefly Funhouse vignette with Bray Wyatt. The company poked fun at the recent karaoke competition on SmackDown as Wyatt said he would bring us a revolting moment, only for the broadcast to cut to the poorly received segment.

Tom Phillips revealed Apollo Crews was unable to defend the United States Championship because he failed to pass his pre-match physical.

MVP then made his way to the ring and declared himself the new US Champion by forfeit. 

Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio in an Eye For An Eye Match 

Mysterio sneaked up behind Rollins but The Monday Night Messiah was not fooled for long as he countered with a Slingblade. Mysterio tried to gouge Rollins' eye out with a pair of pliers but the former Universal Champion countered with a Kendo Stick to the face. 

Rollins hit Rey with a Falcon Arrow onto the ring apron. He then tried to gouge Mysterio's eye out to no avail but he worked over his opponent with a steel bar. Seth tried to force The Master Of The 619's eye into the steel steps again but Mysterio blocked it. He then went for the eye with the tip of the kendo stick but Rey again blocked it. In anger, Rollins flung his opponent to the outside. 

Rollins continued to try and gouge Mysterio's eye out with a pen and an unknown weapon but Mysterio took control after tripping  his rival into the corner of the announcer's table 

The former United States Champion's advantage didn't last long as Seth tied him to the bottom rope with some string. Rey quickly got free, however, and the action slowed as both Superstars hit each other with a kendo stick. 

Rey Mysterio was almost blind as Rollins trapped the kendo stick in the top turnbuckle and tried to throw the babyface into it. Rey countered, however, and hit a Frog Splash. 

Several minutes later, Mysterio snapped a Kendo Stick and forced the splintered pieces into Rollins' eye. He followed up with a 619 to Rollins' eye and a Stomp on the outside. 

With Seth unconscious, Rey forced his opponent's eye into the steel steps but Rollins fought back with a disgraceful Low Blow. He then Superkicked Rey into the barricade and hit his own Stomp. Seth forced Rey's right eye into the steel steps again moments later and the referee called for the bell after Rey asked for a doctor.

Rey's eye didn't appear to leave his skull despite the referee stoppage.

Seth vomited at ringside after the match.

Sasha Banks def. Asuka to win the Raw Women's Championship 

Sasha went for the Bank Statement early but Asuka quickly reached the bottom rope. The two Superstars chain wrestled which gave Asuka the opportunity to lock in an Armbar. The challenger made it to the bottom rope, however. 

Asuka hit Banks with a vicious Knee and a Hip Attack to the outside. She tried to follow up with a Sunset Flip but Banks blocked it, only for The Empress Of Tomorrow to counter with a Sliding Knee. 

Asuka went for the Asuka Lock but Banks hit the Double Knees after the action re-entered the ring. The Standard then locked in an Armbar and pulled on Asuka's fingers. She then trapped the champion in the Butterfly Lock but The Empress refused to submit.

Banks' onslaught continued as she hit two sets of Double Knees and locked in the Butterfly Lock again. Asuka fought back with a Spinning Backfist and a Codebreaker, but failed to reach for the cover. 

The action spilled to the ring apron and both women tried to connect with a German Suplex to the floor. Banks gained the upper hand, however, and hit a Buckle Bomb into the Plexiglass. Banks locked in the Bank Statement again after rolling Asuka into the ring. 

Asuka fought out, however, and landed a German Suplex, a flurry of Kicks and a Running Knee. She followed up with another Hip Attack for a near fall. She went for a Dropkick from the top rope but Banks moved out of the way and landed her own Running Knee for a two count. 

Asuka went for a Superplex soon after but Banks fought out with some vicious Elbows to the back of the head. This only temporarily stopped Asuka as she tried to hit a German Suplex from the top rope. Banks rolled out, however, and connected with the Double Knees in the corner. The Blueprint then tried to hit a move from the middle rope but slipped, injuring her knee. 

This gave Banks the opening she needed to go for the Asuka Lock. The two exchanged pinning combinations and Asuka locked in the Asuka Lock again. Banks tapped out but Bayley distracted the official and stopped him from seeing it. Asuka then kicked Bayley in the head but she left the Women's Tag Team Titles in the ring. Banks went to hit Asuka with the belt but the referee stopped her. Asuka then blew the green mist in the referee's eyes, blinding him.

Bayley followed up by hitting Asuka in the back with the title. The SmackDown Women's Champion then ripped off the referee's shirt and counted the 1-2-3 for her tag team partner. 

Amidst all the confusion, it seems Sasha Banks is the new Raw Women's Champion. 

Drew McIntyre def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Championship 

Dolph Ziggler revealed the bout was an Extreme Rules match for himself only. He added that he will become WWE Champion if McIntyre gets counted out or disqualified.  

This hardly fazed The Scottish Psychopath as he dominated the early going. Eventually, Dolph raked McIntyre's eyes and managed to get some offence in. McIntyre teased Suplexing the challenger through a table but turned and Suplexed Ziggler on the floor. 

Drew followed up with a Sit-Out Powerbomb and stood over his former friend. He then dragged Ziggler to his feet and called him pathetic. This only gave Dolph the opening he needed as he Low Blowed the WWE Champion and followed up with a flurry of Chair Shots to the back and throat. We even got a Chair Shot to the head. 

The action spilled to the outside and Ziggler connected with a Famouser from the announcer's table. McIntyre managed to get back in the ring before the count of 10, however. The challenger locked in a Sleeper Hold moments later but The Star Of Monday Night Raw countered with a vicious Clothesline. 

He then fired Ziggler into the plexiglass and hit a Reverse Alabama Slam. Drew tried to connect with the Claymore but The Showoff hit the champion's leg with a steel chair and landed the Zig-Zag for a near fall.

Ziggler then hit a Superkick, draped McIntyre on a table on the outside and connected with the Diving Elbow. Somehow, McIntyre climbed back into the ring at the count of nine which caused Ziggler to scream in disbelief. 

The former World Heavyweight Champion stepped back into the squared circle and hit another Zig-Zag and a Rock Bottom onto a chair. Again, McIntyre kicked out. Ziggler channelled Brock Lesnar from No Way Out 2004 and asked McIntyre "Why won't you die?" 

He then went for Sweet Chin Music which gave McIntyre enough time to recover and hit a hellacious Claymore to retain the WWE Championship. 

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt def. Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman to win the Wyatt Swamp Fight 

The cinematic match started with The Eater Of Worlds sitting in his trademark rocking chair as Strowman pulled up in his truck. The Universal Champion told his former mentor he was home. Wyatt only laughed and suddenly vanished, which enraged Strowman. 

Bray laughed in the distance and Braun followed him into the swamp. Out of nowhere, Wyatt attacked as Firefly Funhouse Bray continued to cheer for Braun. 

Braun fell to the floor suddenly after being hit from behind by a shovel. The holder of the shovel then revealed themselves as Wyatt Family Braun Strowman and he proceeded to knock the Universal Champion unconscious. 

The action cut to Braun chained to a chair inside the old Wyatt Family hut. Bray's old entrance music played as he carried his lantern to the swamp.

The mentor then goaded the student while he was trapped in the chair. He said Braun can't hurt him because he's already dead and that Strowman's success is only temporary and the fans will abandon him after he fails. 

Wyatt declared he wasn't Braun's enemy and the two Superstars jawed back and forth for several minutes until a mysterious woman bit Strowman. 

We then cut to Braun waking up by a campfire and fighting off three mystery assailants. One enemy caught fire as Strowman laughed like a maniac.

A woman's voice then called Strowman's name and told him to come home. The voice revealed themselves as a hooded Alexa Bliss who said he always wanted them to be together and all he had to do was follow her home. Before Braun could follow her, however, Wyatt attacked out of nowhere and tried to gouge his former follower's eyes out. Strowman quickly countered with a Chokeslam and Wyatt's body was transported away. 

Strowman thought it was all over but an empty boat pulled up out of the darkness. As everything went quiet, Wyatt emerged out of the water and the two Superstars fought inside the swampy waters. The Eater Of Worlds tried to drown Braun but Bray disappeared before Strowman emerged from the cold depths. 

The action re-entered land and Wyatt beat Braun down with a paddle. This only angered Strowman who rose to his feet and kicked his former leader into the water below. All went quiet once again and Strowman declared it was over. The ending graphic even flashed across the screen but Wyatt emerged out of the water and dragged the Universal Champion to the depths with the Mandible Claw. 

Wyatt then tried to escape the swamp but the water went red and The Fiend emerged and screamed "Let Me In" to end the pay-per-view. 

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