5 Biggest Headlines From WWE Extreme Rules 2020

"Horror Show" was apropos, in some respects...

Honestly what can you say - we were all treated to the extraction of a human eyeball seconds before the extractor himself vomited at ringside. That's quite the visually-unpleasant daily double to be treated to, no? Weirder still, the match that could only end through such unconventionally barbaric means went on in the middle of the show. Kinda hard to follow that from a logical standpoint. But worry not - the horrified spectators who witnessed the sickening melee were able to merrily dance to Asuka's music seven minutes later. So that's good.

Extreme Rules was one of those pay-per-views that aims for a target somewhere off the beaten path, and then screams "ART!" when it caroms off the side of said target. It's got people talking, but perhaps not necessarily in the "I wonder where this is all going next" sense. Was it a misfire? That's up to the beholder. If it was designed to be taken seriously, well, then maybe you'd be inclined to stage an intervention for the showrunners.

Here are the five biggest stories coming out of WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

5. One Legit Title Change, One Dubious One In The Midcard

Usually you wouldn't call a tag team table match "conventional", but that was as normal as it got at Extreme Rules, as Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura won SmackDown's Tag Team titles from The New Day, after Kofi Kingston took a dangerous ride through two tables.

Less conventionally, MVP is the new US champion, after titleholder Apollo Crews no-showed their match on Sunday, after being rendered "unable to compete". Crews was written out following an attack from Lashley, and it was said that he "failed a pre-match physical".

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The Horror Show At WWE Extreme Rules Live Results

The Horror Show At WWE Extreme Rules Results

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