The Miz Gives His Thoughts On Mass WWE Releases

Miz’s tag partner John Morrison was just one of many released by WWE in 2021

WWE’s mass talent releases in 2020 and 2021 received widespread condemnation from wrestling fans, with the releases seen as ill-timed and callous, considering the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, never mind WWE touting record profits year-on-year.

But at the end of the day, WWE is a business, and these releases are unfortunately part and parcel of the company. The Miz knows this, but admitted on The Rich Eisen Show that it’s still sad to see friends and colleagues released:

“It’s always tough when your friends and your colleagues get released, but you always wish for the best for them and you just, you do what you do. You just keep going,” started The Miz. “Like my buddy John Morrison, he got released. He was my tag team partner for a very long time and when he got released, I was like, ‘ah man’, you know? But I know John and I know the type of person he is and I know he’ll succeed in everything that he does, right? And so, you always wish the best for them. And, for me in WWE, like, when you go to Monday Night RAW, ‘alright. What am I doing? How do I make this something that the live audience who paid money for their seats can get something out of this? Can really sink their teeth into and have a memory?’

“Like whenever I see a dad with their son, or a mom with their son or daughter, you want to create a moment for them. So when 10 years down the line, ‘hey remember the time we went to that WWE event and The Miz did this? Or this superstar did this?’ That’s what you’re always looking to create. So yeah, am I sad when people get released and my buddies go somewhere, somewhere else, or do something else? Of course. But it’s my job as a WWE Superstar to keep elevating myself and keeping myself at a certain level to where I can do the best I possibly can for the fans out there.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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