The Miz: I Do Not Plan On Being A Transitional WWE Champion

The A-lister has grand plans for his championship reign...

The 40-year-old won his second WWE title on Sunday at Elimination Chamber 2021, ten years after his first, but speculation suggest that the A-lister isn't scheduled to have the belt for very long on Monday Night Raw. 

Those rumours appear to have legs after a match was made between The Miz and Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship next week, but the man himself is ready to prove fans wrong and keep the belt for a long time. 

Pointing back to his WWE Championship win, in 2010, The Miz is ready to once again take those comments and use them as his motivation to succeed.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated prior to last night's Raw, he said: “This opportunity doesn’t always present itself, but this is my chance. It’s been 10 years since I held this title, and I am ready for a run with the WWE championship.

“I do not plan on being a transitional champion. That idea only fuels my fire, and hearing it is nothing new. It makes me think back to when I cashed in the Money in the Bank contract and won the belt in 2010. People thought I would lose, but I didn’t. Instead, I won the WWE championship. When I won, I heard I was only going to be a transitional champion, but I went on to main-event WrestleMania and I won, as a bad guy, in the main event, which never happens. 

"Ten years later, I heard the same thing: I’d never win the title. So this is another opportunity for me to prove people wrong, which is what I plan on doing.”

Both of Miz's title reigns have come after successful Money In The Bank cash-ins and the new WWE Champion is relishing his chosen method, particularly after recent comments that fans thought he would not be triumphant in his efforts.

He added: "Let’s be honest, people thought I would cash in and lose. So to finally win back this title, and to do it against Drew McIntyre, who has been incredible as champion, it’s awesome. I loved seeing the reaction on Twitter. I saw some positive response, and mostly negative comments—people did not want me to win the WWE championship. That fuels me. And if people are talking, then they’ll be watching.”

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