The Miz Is Playing Shane McMahon Like A Fiddle On WWE SmackDown Live

The 16 April 2018 episode of Raw tells us everything...

It appears the world is expecting a bonafide face turn from The Miz to happen very soon indeed on WWE SmackDown Live. With the way things have been going for the A-Lister recently, a face turn appears to be something that is happening pretty organically. Once upon a time, Mizzles was a man every single member of the WWE Universe who isn't Michael Cole hated for all the wrong reasons, but now, we've all realised just how entertaining he is, and just how good he is at what he does. We can't help but cheer the bloke!

Very recently, a dark match that took place following an episode of SmackDown Live saw Miz - in a 100% babyface role - take on the newly-turned heel Daniel Bryan. You have to feel that was a little tester put on by WWE to see how a face Miz would really be received. I haven't seen the match personally, but I just know it would have been received a hell of a lot better by those fans in the arena compared to the last time Miz turned face. WOOF, that was ugly. Not even Ric Flair passing down his signature Figure-Four could save that run. WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

It's a sobering time for all of us watching WWE, as the last real heel in the company has died over the last little while. It's a bittersweet thing, as on one hand a man who perfected his craft over many years is no longer getting the same reactions while continuing to be a bloody good heel. But on the other, he's still being a bloody good heel.

Rest in peace, heel Miz... or so we thought... let me put a little slice of doubt in you mind now.

You see, while many people are expecting a proper massive ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES IN THE WORLD DOUBLE-TURN involving Miz and Shane McMahon - who is the best professional wrestler in the world, didn't you know? - I'm thinking something different because I'm a contrarian who doesn't have many friends, therefore, I've got plenty of time to think of far-fetched theories like this one.


All the way back in April, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were signed by Stephanie McMahon to Raw following a lengthy storyline that saw Shane McMahon exercise his own personal vendetta against the pair of Canadian sweethearts. The delusional McMahon - and no, I'm not talking about Steph here - was so bloody harsh towards KO and Sami he drove them out of town! It was horrible viewing at times.

Soon after arriving on Raw - the 16 April episode to be precise - Owens and Zayn were bitching about certain happenings on the show that defeated the point in them changing brands. While they were doing so, Miz interrupted them to ask one question: "What's Shane McMahon like these days?"

Now I know expecting WWE to carry out such a long-term story might be asking a bit too much in 2018 - heck, just look at how quickly Becky and Charlotte forgot their truce ahead of Survivor Series for goodness sake - but I'm going to rally behind those fabled creative teams here. I think they've painted Miz to be such a scheming heel in the past that everything he's doing towards Shane O'Mac currently isn't slightly goofy and funny with a face turn in the offing, it's calculated and evil and is going to make Shane look like a fool! I think Miz is stringing Shane McMahon along because he knows that's how he's going to get to the top.

The evidence is there - all the way back in April Miz was asking what Shane McMahon is like, while also asking a couple of people who know how to get on the wrong side of him if the Commissioner would like him or not. Miz has been planning this current buttering up and friendly behaviour towards Shane for some time.

And then you've just got to look at Shane McMahon, who isn't just the best professional wrestler in the world, he's also a very delusional dad who believes he's one of the best wrestlers in WWE. Just look at the way he was booked to hang with The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell, with both Kevin and Sami over many months, with AJ Styles at last year's WrestleMania. He even stood up to Brock PISSING Lesnar at SummerSlam a couple of years ago. Who does he think he is?!

If there's one man who will listen to another man tell him he's the best at everything that ever existed until the sun goes down, it's Shane McMahon, and The Miz knows it.

I expect Miz to get a WrestleMania match out of his relationship with Shane McMahon - whether that be a tag bout alongside the Sweaty Incarnate or against him IN THE MAIN EVENT BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE SHANE BELONGS. I then expect him to get back into the WWE Championship picture because of his relationship with Shane McMahon. Then, at an event where everyone is expecting Shane to turn heel properly, it'll be Miz to be the one who uses underhanded tactics to win the big one. He'll have rinsed Shane dry for everything he's worth, and then he'll head home to Maryse and Monroe Sky to laugh about it.

Again, we're counting on WWE to acknowledge one throwaway segment from Raw going on eight months ago at this stage - it's very doubtful that they will given the numerous occasions something happens on their programming that requires us fans to forget something we've just seen five minutes earlier.

I've planted the seed in your mind though, haven't I? And wouldn't it be a wonderfully subtle slice of storytelling if they do see it through? I really hope they see it through, I really do.

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