The Miz Reveals Details On WWE World Tag Team Title Reveal Rehearsals

The Miz has opened up about the rehearsals of the new WWE Tag Team Championship design reveal

Shortly following WrestleMania 40, WWE ushered in a new era for their tag team division. Both sets of RAW & SmackDown Tag Team Championships were on the line at the show despite previously being unified, leading to Awesome Truth winning the RAW belts and A-Town Down Under winning the SmackDown ones in a ladder match. 

The two long-standing sets of titles were then replaced by the WWE Tag Team Championships and World Tag Team Championships, getting renamed and redesigned in the process. One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz, revealed to The Afternoon Drive on The Fan, that his reaction was natural when the new designs were revealed in a segment on RAW, noting that their rehearsals featured replicas of the Intercontinental Championship instead. 

"Yes, that was the first time (seeing the titles). We did a rehearsal and they put the Intercontinental Title there. I went, 'that looks like the Intercontinental Title...Oh, that is the Intercontinental Title, they're not showing it to us. They want our real reaction.' That was my real reaction on TV when I first saw them.”

The Awesome Truth have thus far defended these new titles successfully against DIY and Alpha Academy. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly