The Revival Reveal Why They Decided To Leave WWE

After they were recently released...

Back on April 10, WWE announced they had released The Revival. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champions have since repackaged themselves as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler of The Revolt, and are currently preparing to return to professional wrestling in the near future.

The tag team recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho and discussed a myriad of topics including why they decided to leave WWE. Both Harwood and Wheeler said the biggest factor was that they thought tag team wrestling was featured prominently everywhere except in WWE, and they wanted to compete in a tag-team division that was respected and not treated as an afterthought. 

Wheeler said: "We'd said after this loop (Christmas 2018) let's wait until we're on the upswing so it doesn't look like we're only upset because we're losing. Let's wait until it's on the upswing and then ask. That way people know it's not just about us, it's about the tag team division as a whole. We're still adamant that long term there's just not enough attention paid to the tag team division. There’s so many good tag teams there all the time that I think could contribute so much more… We knew the tag titles were in our immediate future and that's when we asked because we wanted to make a point like, 'Hey, we know things are going decent for us. They're going well all things considered, but we're not happy.' 

"Like the tag team titles, they don't really mean anything, the tag team division had been, this has nothing to do with, nothing against Braun, I think Braun's a great guy, I get along with him really well. But, like he had steamrolled the entire tag team division and then a 10-year-old or whatever won the tag titles at WrestleMania. And then no tag teams were featured on SummerSlam until the last minute they added the Women's tag titles, which I'm all for, it's just it was so last minute people didn't even know. So we wanted to make a point like, 'Look, the tag team division doesn't get respect, it doesn't get the time a lot of these teams deserve, and we want to take chances on ourselves.'"

Harwood later added: "That was our biggest factor as far as leaving was that tag team wrestling was featured everywhere else except for WWE. And we wanted to be a part of that because we could sit back and… we could have no legacy aside from our NXT stuff. We could have no legacy in the history of wrestling, or we could go out and make history, and I think that was our biggest factor in leaving is that we could go out and prove to everyone that we are the absolute best tag team on this planet and I say that with as much humility as I can muster from my guts. There is not a tag team on this planet that is as good as we are, that is as fluid as we are, and has the one goal, the one common goal in mind that is to be the best."


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