The Undertaker Comments On Seeing Brock Lesnar 'Happy' On WWE TV

Undertaker speaks on the new, fun-loving Brock Lesnar.

Undertaker recently appeared on WWE's YouTube channelto discuss the main event of WrestleMania 38 night 2 - Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. 

We've recently seen WWE Champion Brock adopt a more light-hearted persona on WWE TV, at least compared to the Lesnar we've known previously in his career. As somebody who clashed with the Beast Incarnate multiple times over the years - most famously at WrestleMania 30 where 'the streak' was shockingly broken - 'Taker had the following to say:

"On a personal aspect of ‘happy’ Brock, I mean, it's cool to see that he's having fun. To get that much personality out of Brock, you can tell that he's having fun with what he's doing but [...] Brock is Brock and somebody's gonna get suplexed. Just as you can count on the sun rising and the sun setting, you can count on Brock suplexing somebody really rough."

When pressed for a prediction as to the winner of the match, Undertaker opted for Reigns, but noted that it would possibly be considered an upset if it came true. 

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