The Undertaker Pitches The Idea Of A WWE Roast

Undertaker wants to see a "WWE Roast" on WrestleMania weekend

WWE is always looking to reinvent and reimagine professional wrestling, innovating a lot in the business over the years. Hall Of Famer The Undertaker has another idea of how WWE can do something new, and that is to host a “WWE Roast” on WrestleMania weekend. Taking the idea from the Tom Brady Roast, Undertaker made the pitch on his Six Feet Under podcast. 

"The just did the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix. I wonder what...I don't want to say instead of doing the Hall of Fame because the Hall of Fame is very important, but maybe some kind of restructuring of it. A roast. What about a roast? I think it would be huge. I'm not talking about me being roasted. I wasn't volunteering myself to be roasted. There are a lot of guys that came before I did that need to be roasted.”

The Undertaker went on to say that Stephanie McMahon should be the first person to be the “test model” of a WWE Roast, as Triple H is too much of a babyface right now due to the recent boom of the company. Let's hope that if it does happen, no one brings up a certain former Chairman of WWE. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly