The Undertaker Reveals He Used To Nap In Caskets

A lovely Casket nap for The Undertaker

In a recent interview with the Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast, The Undertaker revealed that he used to sometimes take naps in caskets backstage at WWE events. 

Per The Phenom: 

"On more than one occasion, I may or may not have pulled out a casket and taken a nap in there and didn't think anything about it. I had some big caskets, some big opponents early on so I had some big caskets that they had around so they served a dual purpose at times"

The Casket Match became one of The Undertaker's signature bouts, particularly during the early years of the 'Deadman' persona. Some of his opponents in those matches included the superheavyweight likes of Kamala, Yokozuna and King Mabel. 

During the podcast appearance, 'Taker also mentioned that some of his family members worked at a funeral home when he was growing up, leading to him being around caskets and embalming rooms from a young age.

Reflecting on the first time he looked into a casket, he said: 

"Kindergarten probably. It's nuts, it's crazy how things work out. I remember as a little kid they were going to have a service and they had already brought out the casket, the deceased was in the casket but the service wasn’t going to start for a couple of hours.

"There was nobody in the chapel and my little morbid self decided to go up and see up close. I worked my courage up, worked my way up to this casket, peaked in, and could've sworn the corpse inside moved and I took off like a scalded rabbit. It's just funny, it's funny what life prepares you for".

The Undertaker is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Vince McMahon on April 1.

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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