The Undertaker Reveals Why He Hates Cucumbers

An unusual hatred of cucumbers for The Undertaker

While The Undertaker may have been an undead satanic priest/biker/mortician during his WWE career, the WWE Hall Of Famer still has human phobias and he has a deathly hatred of cucumbers.

Taker's hatred of the fruit has long been known within the wrestling world, with his former manager Paul Bearer noting he once saw The Dead Man throw up in a waffle house because a cucumber was floating in his ice tea. 

Blog of Doom's Thomas Hall was in attendance at The Undertaker's Axxess Panel, during which The Phenom revealed why he hates the fruit. 

Undertaker explained that when he was eight years old he ate a whole vat of pickled cucumbers. This, of course, resulted in 'Taker having an upset stomach and as a result he has never been able to stand anything with cucumbers.

Speaking further, 'Taker revealed he has yelled at more than one sushi chef because they ignored his no cucumbers instructions. 

His hatred didn't stop the WWE locker room from ribbing him, though, and the multi-time world champion revealed Paul Bearer would put cucumbers in his drinks and food as a rib.   

He added: "I love that man but he is the devil." 

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