The Undertaker Thinks "A Level Of Grit" Is Missing From WWE's Current Product

The Undertaker comments on WWE's current product

Since his retirement in November of 2020, The Undertaker hasn't been afraid to criticise WWE's current product and the multi-time world champion has previously called modern WWE "kinda soft" with "too much pretty and not enough substance."

The Phenom's views don't appear to have changed in the last year and The Undertaker told True Geordie he thinks "a level of grit" is missing from modern WWE, with him arguing part of the reason for this is current talents "didn't have to come up and bust heads in bars and figure out how they're gonna eat and things like that."

"I feel like there is a level of grit that is missing from today's product, and I don't know that it's anybody's fault. We all aged out, right, so that new group has come up. When you watch Brock [Lesnar] wrestle, you're interested because he's got this background not only as an amateur wrestler. Professional wrestler, mixed martial artist. Brock doesn't do a bunch of crazy moves. Brock manhandles your ass. You get in there and you get thrown around and you get smashed," Undertaker said.

"And Roman [Reigns] has a little bit of that to him and when he wants to Randy [Orton] has that to him. But a lot of the younger talent, it's that evolution of that comic book era, the superhero era, and I think that's what their motivation and their inspiration is and they didn't have to come up and bust heads in bars and figure out how they're gonna eat and things like that."

Many current WWE talents have previously detailed the struggles they went through to become full-time professional wrestlers, from getting booked initially to grinding on the independent wrestling scene. 

The Undertaker is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame on Friday, April 1, following that night's go-home edition of SmackDown ahead of WrestleMania 38. 

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