The Young Bucks Almost Weren't Booked For AEW Full Gear

The Young Bucks nearly missed out on AEW Full Gear

Heading into All Elite Wrestling’s upcoming Full Gear event on November 18, some fans have taken umbrage with a particular match on the card.

After showing signs of kayfabe frustration with their current run on AEW TV, The Young Bucks had words with Elite co-founder and best friend Kenny Omega, over Omega’s new-found alliance with Chris Jericho as The Golden Jets.

The Bucks and The Jets have agreed to a match at the PPV, with The Bucks’ Tag Title shot on the line against The Jets’ future as a team. However, some fans have been less than enamoured with the build and the storyline.

Nick Jackson took to Instagram to hype the match and the event writing, "A friendly competition with Kenny. No break ups. Just good wrestling. But Jericho….” To which one fan responded that ‘friendly competition’ isn’t a driver for someone to spend $50 on a PPV.

Jackson’s response was interesting, stating that “not being on the show was the other option,” in response to the fan.

Is this Jackson leaning into storyline motivations, or something more? Many have noted that the Bucks have barely wrestled across AEW TV for the last two months, with only two matches to their name since WrestleDream on October 1.

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