The Young Bucks Still Want To Face The New Day, Comment On Trios Titles In AEW

Will the match ever happen?

While The New Day and The Elite have battled on Street Fighter V and the match has been close to happening in the past, the two popular factions haven't squared off in a professional wrestling ring.

The Young Bucks still want the match to happen, though, and they recently told TV Insider the two tag teams left on their bucket list are The New Day and The Usos. 

"I feel like we've wrestled every tag team we've wanted to. I guess the Usos and The New Day would be the only two left who would be on my bucket list. When we were close to doing The Elite versus The New Day a few years ago, WWE never gave the okay on it. We were really close to doing it," Nick Jackson said. 

The Bucks also commented on possibly introducing Trios Titles in AEW and they revealed they brought up the idea to Tony Khan last week. 

"We actually just mentioned that to Tony Khan last week. It's something we've been talking about for a while. I think it's something we will do. It's just a matter of when," Matt added.

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