Theory Has Spoken To Vince McMahon About Being The Face Of WWE

Reigning WWE United States Champion Theory on talking to Vince McMahon about being the face of the company.

WWE United States Champion Theory recently appeared on Out Of Character with Ryan Satin, and discussed talking to Vince McMahon about being the face of WWE. Theory explained:

"[I did that] because I wanted him to know that this was never a second choice for me. This was always the only thing. And nothing against college and stuff like that, you can do that at any time, I feel like. But for me, I never had a plan B. It was this or nothing. I was just so heavy believing in myself at a very young age [...] guys are at parties and high school, I’m in the gym, I’m training. I finish a job in a warehouse working 8PM to 8AM, I’m tired as hell but I gotta get up and I gotta work out because if I don’t, I’m gonna fall off. I’m just gonna keep pushing to the next day. And it’s just that mentality, those little things. I think everything that happens in life happens for a reason, and I think the buildup of all these huge moments that have been happening, could this be the big buildup to get me ready for somebody like John Cena? Because I’m gonna be honest, there’s a lot of huge attractions, but to me, I don’t think it gets any bigger than John Cena."

Theory also spoke about Cena specifically, mentioning his work ethic:

"Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny his work ethic, you can’t deny what he’s done for the WWE, and to me, being in a position where I could possibly be the face, just thinking of how much work there is, it’s insane, man. My hat’s off to that. That takes a hell of a human [...] It’s insane.

H/T to WrestleZone.

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