Thunder Rosa Felt 'Disrespected' After AEW Lights Out Match

All eyes were on Britt Baker following the bloodbath on Dynamite

One of the highlights of the past year for AEW was the historic Lights Out match between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker on the March 17 edition of AEW: Dynamite.

Despite Thunder Rosa winning the match, most of the talk afterwards was centred around Baker, and the immense amount of punishment she absorbed during the bout. Now, in an interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Rosa has detailed her frustrations with the aftermath of the match:

“I don’t want to say it’s hate,” started Rosa “but the disrespect I felt after the Lights Out match, and I know it was historical for both of us, because it wouldn’t happen if she [Baker] wasn’t there and it wouldn’t have happened if I wouldn’t have been there. It would have been completely different. I just feel that I was robbed a little bit even though I was the winner.

“There’s a lot of things adding up. She’s the face of the women’s division. Congratulations are in order. You work your ass off. But, I think she has been going through tribulations on her own and I give her kudos for that. But me, as Thunder Rosa, everybody knows my story. I don’t think there is somebody that has struggled so much to be where I am and even now, working in two different companies, I’m still struggling to get that respect that I deserve. It’s not because you’re giving it to me. It’s because I earn it. Every single time I step in the ring. In Dark, in Elevation, on Dynamite and NWA. [I don’t put out crappy matches.] I work my ass off and yes, I put my life in danger every single match I step in there. Not only one.”

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