TNA Looking To Reduce Costs Following Scott D'Amore's Firing

TNA looking to cut costs post-Scott D’Amore firing

The firing of Scott D’Amore as TNA President caught the wrestling world off-guard, with D’Amore relieved of his duties by TNA owners Anthem on February 7.

D’Amore dismissal was said to have been motivated by Anthem wanting to bring the TNA product more in-line with other company properties, with D’Amore believed to have offered to buy the promotion outright from Anthem in the last few months.

A report from Fightful Select has shed a little more light on TNA’s future after D’Amore’s ousting, with Anthem’s Antony Cicione taking over the reigns. Reports in 2023 suggested that TNA was set to undergo a revamp behind the scenes after the brand relaunch at Hard to Kill on January 13, 2024, but it seems such boosts to production ‘were actually related to software upgrades compared to anything else’.

The report further alleges that Anthem are looking to reduce costs in TNA compared to 2023, although it’s believed TNA’s schedule in 2024 looks to be similar to that of last year. Prior to D’Amore’s firing, it’s believed the then president wanted to run more lucrative markets for TNA’s pay-per-view shows, with the likes of New York and Toronto considered to be in the mix to host future shows, whilst Hard to Kill and the upcoming Rebellion PPV on April 20 both coming from Las Vegas.

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