TNA Talents Still 'Very Angry' About Scott D'Amore's Firing

There are still wrestlers who are not happy in TNA after Scott D'Amore's firing

Scott D’Amore parted ways with TNA Wrestling earlier this month after being fired from the company, and it is a decision which hasn’t entirely sat well with those in the company. Through messages of support from both current and ex-TNA talent on social media platforms, not to mention a letter from un-named TNA staff detailing their displeasure with Anthem’s decision, there has been a lot of negativity. 

A report from PWInsider has stated that the actual letter released to the public was much longer, and that there are “absolutely some talents still very angry” about the whole situation regarding D’Amore’s firing from TNA. Many are looking ahead to the upcoming TNA taping in New Orleans next week to how things are going to be addressed and expressed to talent. 

The report goes on to say that there are some people upset (though it isn’t specified on what side) about the letter to Anthem being leaked. It was reported earlier in the week that Anthem were willing to listen to angry wrestlers who might potentially want out of their contracts after D’Amore’s sudden firing.

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Written by Andrew Kelly