Backstage News On The Rock & Roman Reigns' Promos To End WWE SmackDown

Who was creatively involved with The Rock and Roman Reigns' WWE SmackDown promo?

The closing segment of Friday Night SmackDown this week saw The Rock officially join The Bloodline, running down the crowd and making it known to the world that he was now a heel for the first time since 2003. When it comes to experienced workers, it is often the case that they get less creative influence from others, being left to their own devices to work up some magic. In the case of this segment, a report has revealed that there was plenty of influence creatively from others. 

SEScoops have reported that the promo delivered by Roman Reigns and The Rock was in fact scripted, and that there was a plan in place before they went out and for what they wanted to accomplish. Whilst Rock & Reigns both had some influence, other names such as Triple H, Brian Gewirtz (who was brought back into WWE for The Rock’s creative direction), and Paul Heyman, and it was produced by Michael Hayes. 

Fans online have debated and provided some theories into the direction of this story, with there being some implications that there was more than meets the eye with The Rock’s promo, such as the direction he was pointing with some of the things he said. With there being more names involved in the creative of this promo, this could indicate that there is in fact more bubbling under the surface, though it remains to be seen how things unfold.

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Written by Andrew Kelly