Why WWE Released Amari Miller

Reason WWE released Amari Miller revealed

An NXT talent exited WWE last week, with Amari Miler revealing that she and the company had parted ways.

Miller has now revealed the departure was more WWE's decision than hers as she told WrestlingNews.co that the company had no creative plans for her. 

"It was more mostly just creative, like, they didn't have anything for me creatively. My contract was ending anyway, so I just felt like it was best for both worlds. It mostly came from their side, but it was not like, 'Oh, please', like, I'm begging, it was more like, 'You know what? Thank you for the opportunity. I really appreciate it', because there's nothing else I could have done. I worked my butt off. I was there every day. There's no bad blood on either side," Miller said.

"So it was very understandable from a business perspective of where they were coming from. I did have injuries throughout my path in WWE, so I can get why it's like, 'You know, she might be a liability', but to end it all, there was just nothing creatively for me. So it was just time for us to just go our separate ways. It doesn't mean I'm not gonna go back. Coach was saying that he will always put his name behind me if needed. So there's a very good, tight relationship between me and WWE right now."

Miller has since re-established herself as Camron Clay following her WWE exit. Miller performed on the independents for four years before signing with WWE in February 2021. 

Miller missed much of 2023 with a torn ACL. She returned in December but only had three matches before her exit. 

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