Jeff Hardy Confirmed To Have Broken Nose Following AEW Rampage

Matt Hardy has confirmed Jeff Hardy's injury

Following the circulation of some online videos and reports from those in attendance, the news of Jeff Hardy getting injured during a match with Sammy Guevara on this past Friday’s Rampage became known prior to the show airing, with it looking as though Hardy was either knocked out cold or at least “knocked silly”. 

It was reported that Hardy had potentially suffered a broken nose on Rampage, but it has been now finally confirmed by Matt Hardy that his brother did in fact have a broken nose as a result of an awkward spot on the show. On his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, he spoke on the incident. 

"It looks like the Sammy Guevara-Hardy curse is real. It lives on. We thought it ended in 2020, but it picked back up in 2024. They were having a hell of a match, it's going to air on Rampage. They have a great match, and there is a point where Sammy does a move, and his knee catches Jeff in the face. It definitely rocked Jeff, and Jeff for sure has a broken nose, that's really all we know. They're still going to undergo some more testing and what not to try and find out what his total injury is or would be. We know, right now, it's at a minimum a broken nose.”

There could be more to Hardy’s injury based on these comments, but at the very least he did suffer a broken nose after Guevara’s knee caught him in the face during a Shooting Star Press. 

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