TNA Wrestling Confirms Interest In CM Punk

TNA Wrestling open to hiring CM Punk

Until CM Punk definitively returns to a professional wrestling ring, then his name is going to attract interest from professional wrestling companies all over the globe.

Since his firing from All Elite Wrestling after the events of All In in August 2023, Punk has been linked with seemingly any and every wrestling company going, with returns to either WWE or IMPACT/TNA circulating on the rumour mill.

Whilst WWE have seemingly disavowed any interest in-resigning the controversial Punk, TNA President Scott D’Amore has confirmed interest in signing Punk to a TNA deal, saying the following on What Do You Call It:

"He was there the next day, at our TV, which is not unheard of. He was in Chicago at an event of ours earlier this year. We have a pretty open door policy. If you want to come by and visit at TNA Wrestling, you're more than welcome. There is one simple rule. Don't be an A-hole. Be respectful and you'll be respected. Punk, when he showed up earlier this year, was a pleasure to have in the locker room. When he asked if he could come the day after Bound For Glory, come by the TV and say hello and watch some of the show, we said, 'Of course.' He came back and again was a pleasure to have. He chatted with some of the talent. I got to sit back and watch him and Josh Alexander have a nice long chat. What a great opportunity to have somebody like CM Punk in there. Even if it's just a conversation and it's not all about wrestling, there is no way you don't learn something out of a conversation like that. He is welcome at events of ours.

"You asked me if I would like Will Opsreay to be the face of the brand, sure. Would we be open to having CM Punk join IMPACT Wrestling? Of course. Why wouldn't we? You look at the business he drove for WWE and you look at what he did in AEW, he lifted AEW and ticket sales went up, viewers went up, pay-per-view buys went up. If it's the right fit and it works for him and for us, business wise, and if it's a good fit relationship-wise, the one thing that is unwavering is, you come into our locker room, it has to be somebody who is going to come in, fit in, be respectful. Punk has been that anytime he has come around us. We don't judge based off what you hear, we judge based on what you do around us, and he's been nothing but a pleasure to be around. Is it a possibility? Never write it off as being something to happen. I get a kick out of all the stories I read. 'Oh, we made an offer? We did this?' Somebody should tell me some of this stuff. We remain open to any possibilities, whether it's joint venturing, doing collaborations with other companies, talent coming in, whatever it is. If it's good for business and it makes sense and the fans are into it, we're open,” said D’Amore.

Punk initially wrestled for the fledgling TNA from September 2002 until February 2004.

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