Tommy Dreamer Wants Paul Heyman & Sabu To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Tommy Dreamer makes the case for why Paul Heyman and Sabu should go in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Former WWE and ECW star Tommy Dreamer believes Paul Heyman and Sabu should be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame. 

Making the case for his former colleagues during a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, the 'Innovator of Violence' said:

"Paul because he's the greatest manager of all time. Statistically, I can prove that. He also created this thing called ECW, and it came a lot from his mind. He would listen to myself and others and he has a brilliant mind. 

“And Sabu because the guy changed the industry. The whole using tables [in matches], what he did to his body for [the sake of] entertainment; he was such a different wrestler. He changed the industry and doesn't get enough credit for changing the industry," said Dreamer. 

While Heyman is still a prominent fixture on WWE television, Sabu has retired from in-ring competition. The 58-year-old last wrestled in July of 2021, but made several non-wrestling appearances this year for AEW heading into Double or Nothing 2023.

With WrestleMania 40 taking place in Philadelphia (the former home of ECW), there has been some speculation that WWE may want to acknowledge the promotion which folded in its original form in 2001.

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