Tony Khan Addresses AEW 'Locker Room Unhappiness’

AEW has been dealing with reported unrest in the locker room as of late

After a banner year in 2021, AEW’s 2022 has been decidedly rockier, with high profile exits, a plethora of injuries, and reported locker room unrest especially since Triple H took over WWE creative.

But despite rumblings about the atmosphere and general feeling surrounding AEW, AEW President Tony Khan has sought to quell such rumours, saying the following during an appearance on Superstar Crossover with Josh Martinez:

"We have a great crew," Khan said. "We're very happy with the shows we've been doing. We have a great team of people. I recently did some promotions and added to the team. With a new group, hopefully, the communication is only going to get better because I can only be in so many places at one time and talk to so many people with such a big team, I think that'll help. In general, I think we have a really great environment and a great backstage. Overall, it's been a great summer for us and it's only going to get better. A lot of the biggest stars in AEW have been out, so it's been great for us to maintain this position. Last week, on Wednesday night, AEW Dynamite, number one show on all of cable. That's been the case six out of the last seven weeks. That kind of consistency has been thanks to our wrestlers, our staff, and most importantly the wrestling fans that have kept us going. Friday Night Rampage, we did our best number in a long time, being top five on Friday on cable."

Khan continued by saying, "There is a lot of really good camaraderie and momentum. I can't get everybody on the show. It is challenging, in some ways, when you have three hours of television. I get that, if you're looking at a competitor that has seven hours of television, the people in that company are twice as likely to be on TV if you look at it that way. It's very competitive for spots, but it also means people have to do the most to maximise the time they do get, wherever it is, whether it's on TV or streaming, and I do think our TV show and the participation we've had from fans and why we all feel so good this year to is, it's great to be back on the road this last year after doing the shows in lockdown and a sometimes empty stadium. Overall, I think the vibe is positive and we're all really excited. It's a big time of year for AEW with All Out coming up, one of the biggest events on the calendar, and we approach one of our biggest TV events of the year, coming up to New York for AEW Grand Slam."

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