Tony Khan Addresses Miro's AEW Absence

Tony Khan on Miro

Miro was one of All Elite Wrestling's top stars in 2021 but The Redeemer has been absent from the promotion for much of 2022, only having four matches in the last 12 months. 

The former TNT Champion hasn't been on TV at all since September's All Out pay-per-view, with reports noting that Miro rejected creative plans that would have seen him have a match at Full Gear. Miro's wife CJ Perry also recently admitted she thinks Miro will make a WWE comeback in the future.

The Redeemer has tweeted his frustration about being absent from AEW TV, as have other AEW talents, and Tony Khan addressed the situation during an appearance on Fightful's Grapsody podcast

"You're never going to keep everybody happy. Really, you have to focus on that. You have people that are going to be focused week to week. Eddie is a big part of [December 23 AEW Rampage]. There are dozens of wrestlers featured on Dynamite and Rampage every week. Throughout those three hours, you see lots of names, but there are also dozens of names you aren't seeing every week, and sometimes, they are silent about that, and sometimes there is a reason. Somebody is hurt, somebody is working on another project, they are being repackaged, or frankly, there are not enough slots in three hours," Khan said.

"On other sports teams, you don't see it as much. It's not common in the NFL for the backup quarterback to slight the coach because he's not playing. It's not common in the NBA for the backup point guard to slight the coach because he's not getting minutes. I take it, and I take it with a smile and I'll keep taking it with a smile. It's okay, I understand everyone wants to wrestle and everyone wants to do things. Everyone is coming from a different perspective. I don't want to compare one person's situation to another because it's apples and oranges, but we have a lot of great wrestlers here and when they're here, and when we can get everyone involved, I love that."

When Miro will return to AEW TV remains unknown. The former TNT Champion is under contract with the promotion until 2026.

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