Tony Khan Details His 'Very Flexible Policy' When AEW Talent Need Time Off

Khan has given a few wrestlers time away

Tony Khan says he is more than happy to give his AEW roster time off whenever they need it. 

Khan has notably provided a number of AEW wrestlers time away from shows for a multitude of reasons, with Jon Moxley taking time off recently to enter an alcohol inpatient treatment programme, while Chris Jericho also took time away to tour the United Kingdom with Fozzy.

Speaking on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Khan said: "I have a very flexible policy in terms of if people need off for any issue, I generally will give it to them.

"During the pandemic, this came up a lot because I think mental health is a huge issue. The pandemic itself, Covid is a huge issue, so there’s a mental health component and a lot of people were really struggling, especially through the early isolation. I gave people time off. A lot of people found solace in that and then they eventually were able to come back to work. There were a lot of people who just didn’t feel ready to come back right away.

"Last year, there were a lot of people who were home, not because they were out sick, but because they weren’t really ready to come back to work.  We have always given people time off for any issue.

"Of course Jon (Moxley), when he asked for time off, I was more than happy to accommodate him, and I’m really happy to get Mox back. I’m excited for that and I’m excited to hear that he’s doing better and better. I’m always hoping for the best for Jon."


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