Tony Khan Doubles Down On "Amazing" Relationship With WBD

Tony Khan says his relationship with WBD is "amazing"

There has been a lot of talk in recent months when it comes to the future of AEW with WBD, especially with rumblings of talks between WWE and WBD when it comes to the the TV rights of Monday Night RAW. Of course, this could affect AEW’s future on TNT and TBS, but Tony Khan has once again doubled down on his strong relationship with WBD.

When speaking on the pre-Worlds End media call, Khan spoke on AEW’s future on television and his current status with WBD. 

"We have a great relationship with Warner Bros Discovery. It’s amazing now. We’ve been talking to them for several years and this coming weekend marks the five-year anniversary of the launch of AEW. We announced the formation on January 1, 2019 and here we are, days away from the five-year anniversary of that. Warner Brothers Discovery has been an indespenisible partner throughout this journey. I’m very excited about the future of AEW and excited to work with Warner Brothers Discovery throughout 2024 and going forward after that, there is going to be a lot of exciting conversations about AEW media rights. It’ll be a very exciting year and a lot of things are going to happen. We have a great situation with Warner Bros Discovery and it’s been a great year for that partnership."

Of course, Khan shared no concrete details on whether a new TV deal will be announced or agreed to with WBD, but his note about “AEW media rights” indicates that nothing has been tied down as of yet. 

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