Tony Khan Explains Why AEW All In & All Out Will Be On Back-To-Back Weekends

Tony Khan defends hosting All In and All Out on consecutive weekends

Much has been made about the fact that AEW will be hosting two PPV events two weekends in a row, with All In taking place on August 27th, and All Out taking place the following Sunday on September 3rd. 

Tony Khan has explained in a Q&A with the Hollywood Reporter that this was by design and intentional, with the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and Labor Day weekend in the US being the reasoning behind it.

"It’s a fascinating setup that we have coming for fans with All In and All Out. The opportunity to do AEW All In at Wembley Stadium presented itself. Wembley had the date available, it’s a bank holiday weekend, and it’s been the perfect storm of business success. It was the right date and the perfect location for AEW All In this Sunday at Wembley Stadium. That perfect date also happened to be one week before the perfect date to do a pay-per-view in Chicago. It’s a three-day weekend in England for All In, and then it’s a three-day weekend in America for All Out.”

Tony Khan noted how the success in terms of ticket sales is proof of his gamble paying off, and that the decision to do back-to-back PPVs two weeks in a row was the correct call. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly