Matt Hardy Says Facing Edge & Christian Would Be A Perfect Last Match

Edge & Christian vs. The Hardys would be Matt Hardy's ideal last match

With Edge’s WWE contract coming up in September, wrestling the last match on his current deal against Sheamus a week ago, talk has sparked of him perhaps wrestling elsewhere, with AEW being a destination that has been discussed. 

If he did cross the border to AEW, then four of the six iconic names from those who made the TLC match famous would be under one roof, with Christian Cage, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy currently competing in AEW right now. Speaking on his “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy spoke on the possibility of wrestling Edge again, and how it would be a perfect way to close out his professional wrestling career. 

"I still think there's a possibility he could return to WWE. I wouldn't rule that out either. But it's so crazy because I have said many times before, people said, and as my son would say, 'If your last, last, last, final, final, final, final, final, final, final, final match, who would the opponents be against? Who would your opponents be? Who would it be against', and Edge and Christian is almost the first answer that kind of comes off the top of my head is what rolls off my tongue because we are literally the two teams that made one another and I feel like it would be great to go out with that as like a last match.”

The last time Edge and Matt Hardy wrestled was all the way back in 2009 on an episode of SmackDown. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly