Tony Khan On AEW In 2023: We'll Gross Far More Than $100 Million

Tony Khan thinks 2023 will be a profitable year for AEW

AEW has been on the up and up every year since its birth in 2019, and 2023 looks to be perhaps their most profitable year yet.

During a Q&A with the Hollywood Reporter, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about AEW’s profitability. 

"I typically talk about how I reinvest a lot of money. I have reinvested a lot of the money we gross in this business. Last year, we grossed over $100 million. This year, we’ll gross far more than $100 million – we’ll see where it ends up.”

Khan went on to discuss why this year will be so fruitful for the promotion, detailing how the launch of the AEW: Fight Forever video game and the historic All In show from Wembley Stadium have already brought in money. He also noted how having a brand new weekly show in Collision has been financially beneficial too. When talking about funding the company, Khan spoke about reinvesting money made, and how that has been a viable process in keeping AEW going. 

He was also asked about the possibility of making AEW a publicly traded company, though that was shut down quickly by Khan as something he has no interest in, at least not right now.

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Written by Andrew Kelly