Tony Khan Slammed For Not Stopping AEW Firing

Tony Khan has been criticised for not stopping a recent AEW firing

All Elite Wrestling has undertaken a shaking-up behind the scenes in recent weeks, with long-time Vice President of Post Production Kevin Sullivan recently let go by the company.

Sullivan had been with AEW since day one, and his recent firing has been met with criticism within the company. In a follow-up in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has spoken of how AEW Owner Tony Khan has been slammed for how the affair was handled.

Sullivan was fired by AEW Senior VP and Co-Executive Producer Mike Mansury, which itself was a surprise as people within the post-production division were allegedly unaware that Mansury was Sullivan’s boss. Whilst Sullivan was let go, the belief within AEW was that no further cuts would be made to the post-production team at his moment in time, although most of the team were assembled by Sullivan and are therefore ‘his guys’.

Due to Sullivan’s tenure within the company and his work heading up the division, Khan has been slammed for not stepping in to prevent Sullivan’s firing. A source within the team noted that:

“Another day one guy gone. Sad. Great guy. Worked tirelessly since the beginning. Really understood the original mission statement and feeling/image we were going for.”

Sullivan was reportedly very popular within AEW.

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