Tony Khan Thinks WarnerMedia Are Open To Airing ROH TV

ROH TV could potentially end up with WarnerMedia according to Tony Khan

With the successful rebirth of Ring of Honor at the recent Supercard of Honor PPV, questions are now being asked about the promotion’s future, namely how and where is ROH going to air?

ROH Owner Tony Khan already has a broadcasting deal with WarnerMedia for AEW programming, and during an interview with ESPN, said the following about ROH’s short-term plans:

“It's hard to say. I am very grateful to AEW's media partner, WarnerMedia, who allowed me to do this show [Supercard of Honor]. I really tried to make it a Ring of Honor show -- with the Ring of Honor announce team and using a lot of people that had recently been wrestling for Ring of Honor -- and then having some faces of the past, some of the great legends of Ring of Honor either appearing on video or in person as a surprise. Like the Young Bucks. Or Samoa Joe returning to Ring of Honor and signing with AEW that night.

“I did utilise some resources from AEW with permission from Warner with the understanding from them that I was not going to make this an AEW show. It would be a Ring of Honor show. I was asking them to utilise some AEW resources to make this a great pay-per-view event. For Ring of Honor, it turned out to be one of the most successful events in their history.”

Khan continued, “WarnerMedia was really cool about me doing Supercard of Honor. I think there's great potential in continuing Ring of Honor as a weekly series.”

Khan continued more about the potential of ROH on WarnerMedia:

“I do own it [ROH] as a separate entity from AEW. But I also have a TV contract with Warner that I'm going to produce wrestling shows for them. I've been having these conversations with Warner, because I think it would make sense for everyone. And I think they're open to it. But in the short timeline we had, what I asked for was basically an exemption for it being outside the portfolio.”

Khan continued, “I’ve been having more conversations with WarnerMedia about what we can do together to grow Ring of Honor. I think it would make sense for Ring of Honor to continue as a weekly series and major events, like we just had with Supercard. I think the success of Supercard, critically and commercially, will bode very well for WarnerMedia really taking an interest in Ring of Honor, as well as AEW. I think there's great potential to have a complementary wrestling brand.”

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