Tony Khan: Why I Stopped Doing Creative Meetings With AEW EVPs

Khan has taken a decidedly more hands on approach with the AEW book

When AEW started it was widely accepted that Tony Khan was sharing creative duties with AEW EVPs Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and The Young Bucks. But now Khan is pretty much head booker, with some suggesting the EVPs were EVPs in name only.

However, the EVPs are still a big part of the company and have various roles backstage as well as on-screen, with Khan himself telling PWTorch:

“They are still very involved in a lot of aspects of the business, and a lot of those things have been enhanced. The amount of development of huge resources that we have allocated to building a great console video game. Kenny Omega has led a team and really spearheaded this project with our staff. He has been such a great leader. So, Kenny Omega has helped lead the company in a few different ways in the past couple of years,” Tony Khan revealed. “Working with The Young Bucks and Cody, they’re great leaders backstage with the wrestlers. I have been pretty open. It’s not because of anybody other than me that I have probably gotten a little bit more hands-on with the stuff I do than when we started. But that makes sense because I had never worked with a wrestling company. I had only come in from the outside, so I was organising a lot of things at the beginning and I was the head of a committee, and I think there are a lot of drawbacks to trying to book a wrestling show with a committee. Even if you are at the forefront of it, it’s a mind-boggling, difficult process.”

Khan also revealed that the EVPs are still involved in creative, but he stopped taking meetings with them due to organisational issues:

“They are all still very involved in stories, and I talk to all four of them a ton about not just their programs, but what I am doing with other people,” Khan said. “But I am just trying to be organised in a different way, and I talk to them all and have more compartmentalised conversations. It has helped me be better organised, especially to get through the pandemic when there were no in-person meetings. It worked out even better because I had already been going in that direction.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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