Tony Schiavone: I'm Like Britt Baker's Substitute Dad

Schiavone is quite protective of the Role Model

One of the more unexpected partnerships on AEW television has been that of AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker, and commentary legend Tony Schiavone. 

However, when Baker’s boyfriend Adam Cole rocked up to AEW, he instantly threatened Schiavone over his relationship with The Dentist, but as revealed on AEW: Restricted, Schiavone and Baker’s relationship ‘isn’t like that’:

“When people think that there’s something going on there, I’m thinking… ‘Noooooo, I am older than her dad’. Here’s what happened. When Adam Cole was not with us, he had gotten in touch with me on a regular basis. He said, ‘Make sure that Britt is okay, that she’s not in trouble, that she doesn’t… anything bad happens to her…’ So I kinda was like her substitute dad in many ways on the road.

“And let me say this as a shoot, it is very apparent to me why Britt loves Adam Cole, because he is one of the nicest young men that you would ever wanna meet.”


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