Trent's Mom Sue Says She Had To Be Talked Into Giving The Middle Finger

That parting shot took some convincing...

The parting shot of Wednesday night's AEW Dynamite was an emphatic middle finger from Sue Marasciulo, the mother of Trent Baretta, moments after her son and Chuck Taylor defeated Santana and Ortiz in a critically-acclaimed Parking Lot Brawl.

Sue picked up her son, Taylor, and Orange Cassidy afterward, and offered the obscene gesture to the Inner Circle members (who had destroyed her van some time ago), before driving off into the night.

Speaking with Fightful on Friday, Sue revealed that she had to be talked into doing the gesture, after she'd expressed reservations.

"They had to talk me into that. I did not want to do it," Sue said. "I am like 'I'm not going on national TV. Oh my goodness, I'm a retired teacher, it's so embarrassing, it's so wrong.' They tried and tried, and said 'You're a character! This is're a character, you can do that.' Now I'm so glad I did that. I loved it! I caved completely, but I was shy about it. It was great, and I'm glad I did it. 

"People were coming over to me telling me I had to do it, it's the best way to end it! It was wonderful. I'm not really that much of a character, I'm a mom! I'm Trent's mom Sue (not Greg Marasciulo's mom), so that made it okay."

Sue also noted her apprehension at seeing her son get put through the ringer in the fight, most notably the spot where he was double powerbombed through a car windshield.

"Greggy flying through that windshield was not pretty, but afterwards, the memory is lingering with me forever. I loved it," she claims. "It was scary, it was wild. The blood on his back -- oh my god. I thought I was having a dream."

She also mentioned the unintended souvenir her son gave her from the match, adding, "I got blood in my hair. He came and kissed me and I got blood in my hair."

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