Triple H Believes Netflix Would Be Interested In WWE PLEs

It wouldn't surprise Triple H if Netflix wanted WWE PLEs

In January of this year, it was announced that WWE and Netflix had agreed to a ten year partnership worth $5 billion, which would bring Monday Night RAW to the streaming surface in 2025 in the US. For the wider world, other WWE content such as SmackDown, NXT, and premium live events would also be coming to the service. 

When it comes to the US, WWE’s premium live events currently exist on Peacock, which is where the backlog of WWE Network content is too. When speaking on the ImPAULsive podcast, Triple H was asked about the future of Netflix and WWE, and whether PLEs would be moving over too, once the Peacock and WWE deal expires. 

"I think, at the end of the day, it would seem odd to me for them to say, 'We want Raw, that's it. We're good.' That doesn't seem to be how they do business. I think at some point down the road, when SmackDown comes up, is that something of interest to them? Down the road, when the PLEs come up on Peacock, that's probably something of interest to them. It makes for interesting times and a really promising future.”

The landscape of WWE is changing with its deal with Netflix, and more could come in the next few years. The deal between WWE and Peacock runs for another two years. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly