Triple H Calls Out Elon Musk & The Snake Wants To Fight The Fiend: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

WrestleMania on Mars?

So what happened in the world of wrestling this week then? 

Bobby Lashley beat The Miz to become WWE Champion, which was nice. The NWA announced that they would be returning with NWA Powerr and a pay-per-view this month, which was welcome news. Shaq had his much-hyped AEW match and looked decent, which was a relief. And legendary promoter Jim Crockett Jr. passed away at age 76, which was sad. 

A range of emotions experienced, as ever, because while we still all live and work under a coronavirus-shaped cloud, professional wrestling doesn't take a month, week or day off. 

And with so much down time, many wrestlers (and their mothers) once again took to social media, podcasts and the press to make challenges, tell tall tales and, yes, have a good, old-fashioned whinge. 

Something that extends to members of the Cultaholic family, as you will soon see as we look at ten things you may have missed in wrestling this week...

10. Jake Roberts Wants Bray Wyatt In 'Stripper's Pole' Match

Jake the snake roberts 1

Despite suffering some recent health issues, Jake Roberts has told Inside the Ropes that he is on the mend and would relish the opportunity to get back into the ring.

The Snake conceded that even though he probably shouldn't, if his health continues to improve he would like to become physically involved in the action again: 

"You know, even though I shouldn’t. But if my health starts to get to a point where I feel like it’s safe, I definitely would, because I still love it. it’s hard to give it up, man, it really is".

Roberts initially said that he didn't have a final opponent in mind, before naming not an AEW star but WWE's Bray Wyatt.

“No, not really. I still want to do Bray Wyatt. I think we should have a Stripper’s Pole Match”.

Now, I have no idea what a 'Stripper's Pole Match' is, but if involves Jake or The Fiend shedding their clothes then it's bound to be scarier than the Firefly Funhouse and House of Horrors matches combined. 

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