Triple H Confirms Departure Of NXT Lead Writer

Says he had, "dreams he wanted to accomplish"...

It was reported over the previous week that lead NXT writer Joe Belcastro had opted to leave the company. Belcastro had been with WWE since 2013.

Triple H confirmed the news in his post-NXT TakeOver XXX media call, saying, "Joe has been making contributions to NXT and I want to thank him for that. He's going to move on to other things, much like anybody, he had some dreams he wanted to accomplish in life. He found himself here in a position that if he didn't leave now and try to do those other things he was like, 'I'll never do it because I love it here so much, I don't want to kick myself years from now for never taking the shot.' That's the hardest thing in the world to do, to give up something you love to try and accomplish something else you love, my hat's off to him, all respect in the world. 

"Thank him for his accomplishments here, he moves on to different things and hopefully, he succeeds at those, but if he doesn't the door is always open, because once you're NXT, you're always NXT. He's been a big part of this and the team that has been behind him has done a great job having everybody ready to go to the next level. We won't miss a beat. Thank him again for his contributions, good luck with his future, and 'it's never goodbye, it's see you down the road.' Joe Belcastro, we'll see you down the road."

Triple H has said before that NXT's creative team is headed up by himself, Shawn Michaels, and Brian "Road Dogg" James, and that the writing and ideas go through to them.

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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