Ryback Recalls Vince McMahon Yelling At Him For Using Aerial Maneuvers

But the Big Guy's gotta fly...

Ryback drew chants of "GOLDBERG" not only for his bald head and musculature, but for the similarity of their power-packed beatings of opponents. In short, Ryback was a powerhouse, and powerhouses don't usually leave their feet, nor do they traditionally descend from great heights.

For a time in WWE, Ryback began incorporating more aerial offense, such as planchas, into his moveset, leading to some fans online to dub him "Flyback". While conversing with Rusev on a recent edition of The Ryback Show, "The Big Guy" revealed that Vince McMahon was not fond of Ryback deviating from the muscleman playbook.

"Vince yelled at me and said I am never ever to f**king do that ever again," Ryback told Rusev during the show. "Headset off, fire in his eyes, I go, 'Did you hear the people?'"

He then added to Rusev, "You and Seth [Rollins] were my two favorite people to work because you were so open to doing whatever. We would go out and have fantastic matches and I would go out and listen to the crowd." 

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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