WWE SummerSlam 2020 Live Results

Will The Viper capture his 14th world title...

SummerSlam 2020 has finally arrived and join us throughout the night as we provide updates from the ThunderDome in Orlando, Florida. 

Eight matches have been announced for the show and both world titles may well change hands as Drew McIntyre goes one on one with Randy Orton, while Braun Strowman and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt will face off in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. According to PWInsider, the Universal Championship bout will main event the pay-per-view. 

The in-ring action is set to begin at 11 pm BST with the Kickoff show. The Biggest Party Of The Summer will then follow at midnight BST. 

Check out the card for SummerSlam 2020 below:
• Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton - WWE Championship
• Braun Strowman (c) vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt - Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Universal Championship
• Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - Street Fight
• Bayley (c) vs. Asuka - SmackDown Women's Championship
• Sasha Banks (c) vs. Asuka - Raw Women's Championship
• Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville - Loser Leaves WWE No Disqualification Match
• The Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza - Raw Tag Team Championship  
• Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP - United States Championship - Kickoff Show 

Sam Driver, Jack King, Ross Tweddell, Tom Campbell and Adam Pacitti will also battle it out for the Cultaholic Heavyweight Championship. Check out their predictions below: 

Apollo Crews def. MVP  to retain the United States Championship - Kickoff Show 

The action began slowly with some chain wrestling. MVP then got in a cheap shot as he pretended to tie his laces, only to throw a sucker punch at Apollo Crews. The United States Champion was sent crashing onto the steel steps on the outside moments later after Porter tossed him over the top rope. 

The action re-entered the squared circle and The Franchise Playa worked over the champion. Crews fought back into the match, though, and connected with a Senton to the outside. Both men just managed to get back into the ring at the count of nine. 

They exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring and Apollo showed a new aggressive side as he pummelled MVP, shoved him in the face and hit a flurry of Stinger Splashes. He followed up with a Standing Moonsault for a two count. Crews hit his Spin-Out Powerbomb for the 1-2-3 moments later. 

Bayley def. Asuka to retain the SmackDown Women's Championship 

Before the main show began, Renee Young confirmed she is indeed leaving WWE after tonight. 

Asuka dominated the early going and quickly locked in a submission. Bayley managed to make it to the bottom rope, however. The Empress Of Tomorrow's domination only continued with a Hip Attack and a Diving DDT from the steel steps to the floor. 

Bayley eventually managed to get in some offence and she worked over Asuka with Strikes and Submissions. She hit the Bayley To Belly soon after but The Empress Of Tomorrow got her shoulder up at two. Asuka was unfazed after the big move as she quickly fought back into the matchup with two Running Hip Attacks, a German Suplex and her patented Knee. 

She went for another Hip Attack on the apron but the champion caught her and smashed the challenger's knee onto the side of the ring. Bayley locked in a Kneebar soon after. She followed up with a Sunset Flip into the bottom turnbuckle and went for a Flying Elbow, but Asuka caught her and locked in the Armbar. 

Sasha tried to interfere to save her best friend, but Asuka took her out. Banks tried to interfere again and Asuka caught her with a Hip Attack. This gave Bayley the opening she needed to roll up The Empress Of Tomorrow with an Inside Cradle for the 1-2-3.

The Golden Role Models beat Asuka down after the bell. 

The Street Profits def. Andrade & Angel Garza to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship

Before the next match, Kevin Owens made his way to the ring to join Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton on commentary. 

Andrade and Angel Garza dominated the early going, working over Montez Ford. Pikachu on one of the LED screens was very much enjoying the action. 

Eventually, Ford made the hot tag to Angelo Dawkins. He ran roughshod over Zelina Vega's clients but Andrade caught him with the Back Elbow. Dawkins wasn't down for long as he fought back with a Spear. 

Ford and Garza were each tagged in and Angel tried to steal a win as he put his feet on the bottom rope, but the referee spotted the blatant cheating. 

Moments later, Garza Superkicked Ford into Zelina Vega, knocking her off the apron. As Andrade checked on Vega, Montez took advantage with a Frog Splash onto Garza for the 1-2-3. 

Mandy Rose def. Sonya Deville - Loser Leaves WWE No Disqualification Match 

Both women quickly started trading shots as their obvious disdain for one another came to the surface. Mandy landed a Suplex onto the ramp and tossed her former best friend into the ring posts. She then hit a Flying Clothesline from the announcer's table to Deville. The Golden Goddess retrieved a table from under the ring but this only gave Sonya time to recover and attack Mandy with a Steel Chair. 

The action entered the ring and both women brawled back and forth. Deville locked in a Dragon Sleeper soon after. The broadcast also cut out for a second but it doesn't seem like it was caused by RETRIBUTION. After the submission, Sonya screamed trash talk at Mandy but Rose fought back with a Pump Knee Strike. 

Mandy retrieved two chairs from under the ring and flung them at Deville's head. Luckily for Sonya, she was able to duck out the way.  Deville tried to hit Rose's own finisher on her, but Mandy countered and connected with three Running Knees. She followed up with her finisher. Rose then screamed at Sonya to get up and hit her with another Running Knee for the victory. 

Deville looked distraught after the loss and bashed her head off the announcer's table. Otis also came to the ring and celebrated in the ring. A lovely moment for everyone but many will have forgotten he is still Mr. Money In The Bank. 

Seth Rollins def. Dominik Mysterio - Street Fight 

Seth Rollins mocked Rey Mysterio as he copied his ring gear from Halloween Havoc 1997. At the WCW pay-per-view, Mysterio went one on one with Eddie Guerrero, the same man who battled The Master Of The 619 for custody of Dominik at SummerSlam 2005. 

The match started out slow as Rollins mocked Dominik every time they locked up. Mysterio looked impressive, however, as he hit Rollins with two deep Arm Drags. This caused Rollins to stop and reassess his opponent. 

Rollins reasserted his dominance after the brief break and demanded Murphy hand him a kendo stick. Mysterio hit a Dropkick and tried to batter Seth with the kendo stick but Rollins used the five rules of Dodgeball to avoid being hit. 

The Monday Night Messiah then took control of the match once again. He taunted Rey on the outside for just standing there while he beat down his son. Rey told Dom he was going to enter the match but Dominik waved him off. This all feels like Rey will cost his son the match. 

Soon after, Dominik smashed Rollins' head into a steel chair and followed up with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Mysterio then got his hands on the kendo stick and unleashed on Rollins, hitting him over and over again with the weapon. Mysterio went to the top rope but Rollins caught him with a Superplex-Falcon Arrow combination. 

The former Universal Champion picked up the kendo stick and beat down Dominik while he taunted Rey. Murphy passed a table to Seth moments later while The Monday Night Messiah continued to taunt the former World Heavyweight Champion. Seth hit Dominik with the kendo stick a few more times and went for a Belly To Back Superplex but Dominik countered with a Low Blow and connected with a Russian Legsweep with the kendo stick to put them both through the table. 

Dominik followed up with a Frog Splash but Rollins got his shoulder up at two. Dominik went to the outside to get a steel chair which gave Rollins time to recover and catch him with a Powerbomb. He then hit Dominik with more kendo stick shots after ripping off his ring hoodie. Handcuffs were the next weapon to enter the fray as Rollins tried to trap Dominik in the middle rope.

This was too much for Angie Mysterio to watch as she made her way to the ramp. Rey charged to stop his wife. This only allowed Murphy to interfere unopposed. The heels then tried to force Dominik's eye into the steel steps and Rey couldn't hold off for any longer as he ran back to the ring to protect his son. 

The Monday Night Messiah and his disciple quickly took advantage, however, as they handcuffed Rey to the middle rope and walked towards Angie. Dominik recovered at the most opportune moment and unleashed all his rage on Seth and Murphy. He hit a 619 on Rollins and went for another Frog Splash but the four-time world champion got his knees up. 

Rey desperately tried to help his son but Rollins hit a Stomp on Dominik for the 1-2-3. Rey will just have to wait a little bit longer to finally get revenge on the despicable Monday Night Messiah. 

Asuka def. Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women's Championship

Banks targeted Asuka's injured left knee straight away which hobbled the challenger. The Empress Of Tomorrow was able to fight back, however, as she repeatedly locked in Submissions on various body parts. The action made it's way to the ring apron where Asuka tried to kick Banks but only connected with the ring post. Banks followed up with a Spin-Out Powerbomb to the floor. 

Banks almost picked up the win but Asuka dived back into the ring at the count of nine. Asuka was noticeably affected by the Powerbomb and The Blueprint worked over the challenger for the next few minutes. 

Asuka eventually fought back into the match as she trapped Banks in a Kneebar and transitioned into an Ankle Lock. Sasha fought out and the action headed to the top turnbuckle where Asuka hit an Avalanche DDT for a two count. She followed up with a Dropkick from the top turnbuckle moments later. 

Banks almost picked up the win, as after Asuka tried to grab her opponent, The Standard countered with a Codebreaker but the challenger kicked out at two. Banks went for a Frog Splash but Asuka rolled out of the way. Banks moved over to Bayley for moral support and The Role Model reassured the Raw Women's Champion. Banks grabbed her knee, and as she charged at Asuka, The Empress Of Tomorrow locked in the Asuka Lock. 

Banks reversed into the Bank Statement but Asuka countered into the Asuka Lock again. Sasha broke the hold and Bayley tried to interfere. Asuka tried to knock her off the apron but the SmackDown Women's Champion moved out of the way. This gave The Boss the chance to lock in the Bank Statement but The Empress Of Tomorrow rolled through and locked in the Asuka Lock once again. After a minute, Banks had no choice but to tap out. 

Drew McIntyre def. Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship 

The action started out slow as Orton tried to frustrate the WWE Champion in the opening minutes as he exited the ring or scurried to the ropes. McIntyre eventually chased the champion but Orton gained the high ground and took advantage. The Viper almost hit the RKO twice and McIntyre rolled to the outside to regain his composure. 

Upon re-entering the ring, McIntyre hit some vicious Haymakers on Orton and The Legend Killer went for the RKO yet again, but McIntyre pushed him away and charged at the challenger. Orton ducked and Drew went crashing into the ring post. 

This gave Orton the upper hand as he viciously attacked the champion on the outside and hit two Belly To Back Suplexes onto the announcer's table. He followed up with a Suplex from the announcer's table to the floor. 

The action re-entered the ring and The Viper worked over McIntyre for the next several minutes. The Scottish Psychopath eventually fought back into the match with a Spinebuster. He then locked in a Figure Four Leglock. Orton fought out after he distracted the official and poked McIntyre in the eye. 

Both men threw Haymakers in the centre of the ring and McIntyre won the confrontation with two clotheslines and two Belly To Belly Suplexes. McIntyre hit a Future Shock DDT soon after but Orton powered out at two. 

Later, The Apex Predator caught the champion and hit his patented Draping DDT. Randy then went to his dark place and smashed the mat as he set the WWE Champion up for the RKO. The Viper changed his mind, however, and instead went to the corner and set up the Punt. McIntyre caught him with a Powerbomb and did the 3-2-1 countdown for the Claymore. Orton ducked and McIntyre reversed into a Backslide for the pinfall win.

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt def. Braun Strowman to win the Universal Championship 

Strowman came to the ring in some new ring gear. The Monster wasted no time in going after The Fiend as he charged at him immediately after the bell. Wyatt only laughed and tried to snap Strowman's neck. He then beat the Universal Champion down with a toolbox.

Strowman fought back, however, and sent The Fiend crashing through the barricade. He Chokeslammed Wyatt onto the announcer's table but Bray quickly got back to his feet. Braun knocked him to the floor with steel steps to the face. The action re-entered the ring and Strowman hit a Running Powerslam but The Fiend kicked out at two. 

The two Superstars battled backstage and Wyatt caught The Monster with Sister Abigail for a two count. The former Eater Of Worlds then tried to gouge his opponent's eyes out and they made their way back to the ringside area. 

Bray locked in the Mandible Claw but Strowman fought out. He followed up with another Running Powerslam but Wyatt kicked out again. Braun collected a box cutter from the toolbox and sliced the ring, exposing the wood below. Wyatt got back to his feet and hit a Uranage and two Sister Abigails on the exposed wood.  

He then covered Strowman for the 1-2-3. 

As The Fiend celebrated, Roman Reigns appeared from out of nowhere and speared Wyatt. He Speared Strowman moments later and lambasted both Bray and Braun. He then beat Strowman down with repeated chair shots and hit The Fiend with another Spear. The Big Dog held up the Universal Championship to end the pay-per-view. 

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