Triple H Reportedly Unlikely To Ever Leave WWE Due To Family Dynamic

Rumours about Triple H's future in WWE have circulated online

Triple H will reportedly not be leaving WWE, despite internet rumours to the contrary, due to the personal nature of his relationships with higher-ups in the company.

Rumours on social media have suggested that Triple H, the head of NXT, could look to move on from WWE after Vince McMahon took creative control of the NXT brand and relaunched the developmental system.

The Game has been away from the public light since undergoing a 'successful procedure for a cardiac event' back in September, with wife Stephanie McMahon confirming in a recent interview that he was doing well.

Speaking on a recent PW Torch audio show, Wade Keller says speculation around Triple H's WWE future is a moot point because he has been told it would involve him upsetting the family dynamic in a way that he simply wouldn't do.

Keller said: "I was told by somebody in WWE not too long ago that Hunter is not going anywhere. Their familiarity with the family dynamic is such where you know, they are familiar enough with the Stephanie-Hunter-Vince dynamic that Hunter cannot cash out and just leave without it affecting the family dynamic in a way that was just more negative than something Triple H would do.

"That could change and that person could be wrong but their hunch was Hunter is either gonna work in WWE or not but not work against them in the pro wrestling business."


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