Triple H Shoots Down Adam Cole Vs. Shawn Michaels WWE Dream Match Speculation

What a tease!

Triple H has sought to quell speculation that a recent tease between Adam Cole and Shawn Michaels on NXT could lead to a dream match between the two in the future. 

Michaels and Cole locked eyes in a recent backstage segment on NXT, as The Heartbreak Kid headed back to production while Cole made his way to the ring, with the resulting stare-down sending WWE fans wild on social media. 

It appeared to suggest that there were tentative plans for the WWE Hall Of Famer and the former NXT Champion to meet in a more official capacity, but Triple H says the match is certainly not going to take place. 

Speaking to Pardon My Take, Triple H said: When [Shawn] was leaving, he ran into Adam Cole backstage and they had a moment and Shawn walked off. The internet blew up with people saying, 'Oh my God, what if? What a tease. It's the ultimate match.' 

"What they don't know is three minutes prior to that when Shawn's music hit and he was walking out to the stage, his left knee gave out and he started dancing because he almost fell off the stage. His left knee is so bad that it buckled on him while he was walking down the ramp. That match isn't going to happen."

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