Trish Stratus Teases 'Chat With' Becky Lynch At WWE Toronto Live Event

Stratus is booked to host the event

Trish Stratus has teased some form of confrontation with Becky Lynch at the WWE Live Event in Toronto on December 29. 

Stratus is set to host the show at the CocaCola Coliseum in Toronto on December 29 and has suggested something could go down between herself and 'Big Time Becks' in front of the live crowd.

Speaking to Renee Paquette & Miesha Tate on Throwing Down, Stratus said: "It's so exciting because live events are so fun. You just have fun, kind of riff, and it gives me a chance to mingle with the other talent that I haven't mingled with.

"Perhaps, Becky Lynch would be interesting to chat with. (We'll talk mom shop) behind the scenes and then in front of the scenes it might be a different conversation..."

The WWE Hall Of Famer noted that the event is currently up in the air due to the current coronavirus situation in Ontario. 

WWE has already cancelled live event dates in Canada due to the country limiting capacity as COVID cases rise. No official decision has been made on the live events scheduled for Toronto and Laval, but Quebec have announced a shutdown which includes all sporting events. 

Stratus added: "If in fact it goes. Ontario is in a bit of a funny place once again. We're not in a good spot, unfortunately. We will see. Hopefully, it's a go.

"So far, we're just waiting to make sure it's going to be a go because things are shutting down."

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