Tucker: I Don't Understand Why There Was No WWE Match Between Me And Otis

Tucker was released by WWE in April 2021

Tucker says he cannot comprehend why WWE didn't book him and Otis to have any form of blow-off match following their split last year.

Tucker turned on Otis at Hell In A Cell 2020, costing him the Money In The Bank Briefcase in his match with The Miz, but the resulting heel turn for Tucker ultimately went nowhere, and he was released in April.

There wasn't even a match between the two former members of Heavy Machinery and Tucker cannot understand why WWE didn't just book him to lose in minutes to Otis if they planned on releasing him.

Speaking on the OTR Show, he said: "I wish I would have said no to hitting him in the head with the briefcase. I didn't ask the right questions as to what we'd be doing moving forward.

"The way that it happened, happened. I wasn't initially booked and then I got called to come to the stadium fairly late and found out about it fairly late. I feel like it happened intentionally so I wouldn't put my foot down or ask the right questions. That's on me. I ultimately said yes and did it.

"What came about from it, came about from it. I'm not trying to put that on anyone else. I'm disappointed and I think the communication could have been better. That's often the case with them. I wish they would have at least....if you're going to release me anyway, just have him kick my ass in two minutes and let me go. I don't understand why there was no match.

"It's the same thing with him and Mandy. It's one of the top three or top five storylines of fan investment for the year and you're just going to put them on separate brands and everyone is okay with the fact that Otis is like, 'Eh, I guess Mandy doesn't exist anymore.'

"No, who is going to forget about Mandy Rose? Now, he's a heel anyway. He could have just turned on her."

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