John Morrison: June 21 Was One Of The Strongest WWE Raw Episodes In A Very Long Time

The first of hopefully many decent episodes

Monday Night Raw has been largely unwatchable for much of 2021, but WWE appears to have turned things around slightly in the past couple of weeks. 

The June 21 show was the start of the turnaround. The episode featured strong Money In The Bank Qualifying matches and set up Kofi Kingston as the next challenger for Bobby Lashley's WWE Championship.

WWE's John Morrison also believes the June 21 Raw was a quality episode and he was full of praise for the show while speaking to DAZN.

"I thought Monday's episode of Raw was one of the strongest episodes of Raw that I've seen in a very long time. You nailed it. Like Ricochet beats AJ (Styles), John Morrison beats Randy Orton, and Riddle beats Drew (McIntyre). Nobody saw any of those coming. I think that sometimes is what wrestling needs is a little bit more unpredictability, a little more uncertainty," Morrison said.

"For me, there's the known and the unknown, and in between are the doors, which by the way, is why The Doors named their group The Doors. Support my namesake, Jim Morrison. But when you're in the unknown, it's more interesting because anything can happen. If you always know, AJ is going to beat Ricochet. If you know that going in, then suddenly, instead of like, 'I want to see what's going to happen'. You're like, 'Okay, let's see how AJ beats Ricochet'. It's more of a passive viewing experience, and that's why I think this week was so cool," he continued.

Morrison also praised Randy Orton, his opponent on the June 21 show. 

"For me, I mean, Randy, someone that I've known for 19 years and always consider him a friend. We were talking, and I think that's the first time that we've wrestled. We've been in the ring together plenty, but we've usually been on the same side. It was cool being in the ring with him. It was great having that match with him," Johnny Drip Drip added.

"His pacing is next level, and the way he thinks about everything is all very methodical, all about the story, all about conveying emotion through your face, and that can be understood by the people watching, which is really what it's all about. The whole point of entertainment is to make someone feel something good, bad, excited, interested, and curious. So for all those reasons, it felt like I came away with a lot of ideas and excitement about the future after that match."

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