Tyler Breeze Recalls Pitching To Win The WWE NXT North American Title in 2019

Breeze returned to WWE NXT in 2019

Tyler Breeze has recalled Triple H turning down his pitch to win the North American Championship upon his return to WWE NXT in 2019.

Breeze became the first superstar to step back from the WWE main roster and re-join the black-and-gold brand in May 2019, getting inserted into a North American Championship feud with then-reigning champion Velveteen Dream.

Breeze would lose the match to Dream but has revealed how he felt his comeback to NXT was a big deal, and pitched to win the Title before dropping it back to Dream at the next TakeOver.

It wasn't an idea Triple H was keen on.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Breeze said: "There was one time, I was coming back to work Velveteen Dream at TakeOver and I went to Hunter and I went, 'I don't do this, but I feel like this kind of a big deal. Nobody has come back to NXT yet and Velveteen is doing really good. It's for the North American Title, I feel like the match has build. What do you think about getting two matches out of it? Nobody expects me to win. What if I won the title and at the next TakeOver, we can work again and I'll drop it back or wherever we're going to go, but I feel like people would get into it.'

"Hunter gave me a big speech of, 'Not everyone has to win a title.' He started listing off all these guys and was like, 'They didn't need the title to get to the next level, they were superstars. 'It won't elevate you anywhere else to win the title.'

"I don't know I if thought I was trying to just win a title, I was just trying to get two matches out of this. They had different ideas."

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