Update On Bonuses For WWE Battlegrounds

The alternative to 2K21 was released last month...

With WWE 2K21 shelved due to the pandemic (as well as sharp criticism of its predecessor), 2K Sports instead released the fantastically-styled WWE Battlegrounds in September, to a mixed reception.

Though there were earlier stories about WWE talents receiving diminished bonuses for their video game likenesses in recent years, a report from Fightful Select reveals that the bonuses for wrestlers appearing in Battlegrounds still add up nicely. This is in spite of the game figuring to sell far less units than the "traditional" WWE games before it.

Fightful's report states, "WWE video game paychecks aren't quite what they used to be, as most talent will tell you, but they're still pretty good. One WWE talent told Fightful they were told they'd get a $35,000 bonus for appearing in the game, which doesn't figure to sell anywhere near what the usual annual games are. 

"There were others that faced confusion, as they'll be included in the downloadable content, but were told they wouldn't be offered the bonus because they didn't have main roster contracts as of yet."

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Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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