Update On Fastlane's Viewership Numbers

WWE's Fastlane 2023 event saw some strong numbers

WWE’s Fastlane went down as a success last week, at least locally, breaking gate records for the professional wrestling in Indianapolis, even with WWE previously hosting a WrestleMania there. 

When it comes to buys and viewers, Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided some more details. Meltzer noted that even with the televised return to in-ring action for John Cena, the number of buys was down from the previous premium live event, Payback, estimating 7.100 buys. 

Of course, PPV buy numbers are to be taken with a pinch of salt given that WWE airs their premium live events on Peacock and the WWE Network. In terms of Peacock numbers, it is reported that viewers were up 71% from the previous Fastlane event in 2021, though in that time Peacock subscribers have increased, so it is hard to gauge how good this figure is. Meltzer spoke on the success of the heavy Pizza Hut sponsorship which was spread across the show, and how this led to a 60% increase in sponsorship money. 

Overall, it looks like WWE have another successful show in the books, continuing on from their impressive spree of events in 2023.

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Written by Andrew Kelly