Update On Io Shirai Following WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Bump Reportedly Emerges

Shirai took a crazy bump in the match

Io Shirai took a crazy bump towards the conclusion of the 'Scareway To Hell' Ladder Match at WWE NXT Halloween Havoc. 

Shirai is renowned for her huge, standout moment in matches, and her involvement in the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match on this week's special episode of NXT was no different.

Towards the conclusion of the bout, it appeared Shirai had retained the Titles for herself and Zoey Stark, only for Indi Hartwell to push the ladder Shirai was standing on over. Shirai spilled out of the ring, landing hard on her neck and upper back on a ladder bridge set up between the ring apron and the commentary table.

There was notable concern at ringside for Shirai's wellbeing following the fall, with Hartwell in particular looking genuinely worried, but PWInsider is reporting that Shirai was okay backstage at the WWE Performance Center following the match.

Shirai and Stark would lose their NXT Women's Tag Team Titles in the bout, with Toxic Attraction duo Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne winning the Championships in the Ladder Match.

Shirai herself has taken to social media to comment on the bump and the match, writing on Twitter: "I am not dead. I will always keep getting up to do my best. Just sad that the title is not on my waist..."

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